The Dream School goes international

The Dream School is a vision of equal school designed in Finland where student's well being has a central role. Now the Dream School has evolved to a concept aiming to offer supplies for a good life. The Finnish National Board of Education has supported the Dream School over the years and the services are already in use in fifteen Finnish schools.

Now an international interest towards Dream School has arisen.

Things started to unfold in January 2013 when Dream School delegation paid a visit to Ministry of Education in Singapore and several local schools. The reception was very positive and the first pilot-schools might get started already during the spring.

- Being one of the leading countries in education along Finland, Singapore is excellent pilot for an international Dream School. Improvement of students well being was recognized one of the most potential common targets. I'm eager to see how Finnish students can utilize this co-operation - says teacher and the responsible for the National Dream School pilot Allan Schneitz.

Specialized in developing healthcare services a Finnish company Halsing Ltd starts to build up a quality system for Dream School. This enables a systematic deployment of the Dream School also in international schools.

- There are a lot of common things within education and healthcare: Human well being is the core objective and both are very strictly regulated. There is no room for mistakes - says Lars Sundholm, the main owner of Halsing Ltd. As a result of the co-operation with Halsing Ltd and the Dream School the whole system will be described within one quality system.

Ending up in Singapore was not only the schools desire. The Dream School ecosystem includes various innovative Finnish companies such as Halsing Ltd.

- Singapore opens up straight connection to surrounding and largely populated countries such as Malesia and Indonesia, which makes it a very interesting partner - says Sundholm.

More information:

www.dreamschool.eu / Allan Schneitz, the coordinator of the National Dream School Services, tel. 041 503 2119, firstname.lastname@unelmakoulu.fi

www.halsing.fi / Lars Sundholm, the main owner of Halsing Ltd, tel. 044 55 999 66, firstname.lastname@halsing.fi




Halsing lecturing in Finnish Hospital Techniques event in Pori, Finland

The Finnish Hospital Techniques Society is founded in 1995 and its purpose is to gather the technical personnel working in Finnish hospitals and healthcare centers and to enhance their expertise, professional activity and ethical values while implementing those.

The biggest annual event is the Finnish Hospital Techniques event which gathers the best specialists and professionals together.

This year the event was organized in Pori (South-Western part of Finland) where Halsing Ltd main owner Lars Sundholm was also invited to lecture about the practice of custom-made devices.

- Under the debate about social welfare and health care reform also the custom-made devices in hospitals have to be taken into account. So it was good to see so many interested participants - says Sundholm.






Halsing implements the medical devices quality system

Halsing Ltd has offered development services for medical devices already for some time now. To broaden the supply the company implemented the ISO 13485 medical devices quality system in their own daily activities.

- Even though the quality system is not required from service providers, we wanted to act as an example and offer our services based on the internationally acknowledged quality system. Using the quality system not only clarifies but also intensifies our action especially within larger projects - says Lars Sundholm, the main owner of Halsing Ltd.






Halsing was chosen as a service provider in national tender

Culminatum Innovation Ltd organized 20th of January 2012 a tender called "General agreement - demanding special services". Halsing Ltd was chosen among other things to offer these demanding services to develop healthcare devices and systems.

Culminatum Innovation Ltd enhances the international competitiveness of the Helsinki region and promotes the growth of internationally attractive competence environments.